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King George I of England
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The Journey of King George I

This is a site dedicated to King George I, The King of England.


George was born on May 28, 1660. He was born in Hanover, Germany. George was the oldest son of the German Prince, Ernst August. George became the Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburg. He became very well known. George was the heir of his father’s territory in Germany. When George became old enough he married his first cousin, who was the Princess Sophia of Celle. With Sophia he had two children. His first child was George in 1683 and his second child was Sophia Dorothea in 1687.

King George I was born in Hanover Germany. He was the Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburg. When Queen Anne died George became the first Hanoverian monarch of Great Britain and also Ireland. George I was not fluent in English and his subjects became very irritated when they could not understand him. During his reign, the powers of the monarchy found themselves decreasing. Their "modern" system of government underwent a new development. King George I was not in actual power when he was the King of England. The person who held the actual power was the Prime Minister; who happened to be Sir Robert Walpole. George I was also the Archbannerbearer, a Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire.

When King George's father died he gained all the territory his father had ruled over. Shortly after his fathers death his mother was designated to be heir to the British throne. After his mother died George became the King of Great Britain and Ireland. Even though King George was the King of England; he became more concerned with what was going on in Hanover. George spoke very poor English and many people began to think he was unintelligent. George often divided his time between his territory in Hanover and Britain.

There were many problems in King George's marriage. He divorced his wife Sophia in 1694. She had committed Adultery with Count von Konigsmarck. Sophia was imprisoned in to the Castle of Ahlden. She remained there until she died in 1726. It also did not help that George preferred his mistresses over Sophia; Causing Sophia to commit adultery. Shortly after the divorce King George became the King of England. He became king on August 1, but he did not arrive in Britain until September 18. When George I moved to England he faced many hardships such as speaking English and his personal relationships. George’s relationship with his son was not a strong relationship, but when George became King of England the relationship worsened. After the birth of his grandson, George I began to argue with the Prince of Wales, also known as George II; the son of George I. The Prince and Princess of Wales along with their children were all thrown out of their royal occupancy. George and his son later reconciled, but they would never again be on pleasant terms with each other. This father-son hatred must have run in the family because George II almost exiled his some to the British colonies. Along with these problems George had to face problems within his country.  In 1715 George was faces with the Jacobite Rebellion, also known as “The Fifteen”. The Jacobites wanted to put Anne’s brother James Frances Edward Stuart on the Throne. This rebellion started in Scotland where the support for Jacobitism was stronger than in England. By the End of 1715 the rebellion had collapsed and faced defeat.

Although George did not like Sir Robert Walpole he still could have removed his ministers at will. Sir Robert Walpole was actually terrified of being removed towards the end of George I’s reign. Sir Robert Walpole no longer had to worry about being removed because King George I died in Osnabruck from a stroke on June 11, 1727. George died on his sixth trip to Hanover, his native county. He was then buried in Hanover in the Chapel Schloss Herrenhausen. After George I’s death his son George II succeeded him. George II had to face the Jacobite Rebellion once again when he came to the Throne.  

            King George was a very unpopular in Great Britain; because of his inability to speak “correctly”. The British perceived him as being "too" German. He "earned" many cruel nicknames such as "Geordie Whelps" and "German George".  Even though he truly did not what to be the King of England and longed to be back in Hanover, Germany; he still did his job with grace and dignity. He faced many hardships, but he kept on going because he thought that is what a real King does.          


King George I Rocks

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